Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ok..It's been a strange few days training-wise, so hopefully I can remember everything!

Friday I was supposed to do mile repeats and ride an hour, but my knee had been bothering me the last few days, so I decided to do my brick workout instead. It went really well! Other than getting rained/hailed on, the hour ride went well and the 2 mile run was surprisingly fast. It was a great workout, but sadly the only one of the day!

Saturday I swam 2K. No running, again, as my knee was still concerning me. I don't really remember what the swim was!

Sunday..I think I rode for an hour on Sunday. That's all! Oh yeah, I must have, because I rode out to Talent with Travis and his uncle. It was an early, cold, fun ride! It's nice to ride with people whose 'cruising' pace is just a tad faster than mine!

Monday I swam a mile, and then rode an hour. The swim was okay..just okay. Don't remember what it was though..and the ride went well! I was getting really frustrated with this lingering, nagging knee pain, so I rode kind of hard. I just wanted to feel like I was putting work into my legs again! Might've ridden longer, but I had to get to work.

Yesterday I swam in the wetsuit I'll be wearing next weekend! I warmed up, and then did an 800 time trial. I think the time was right at 14:00..which is okay. Not great, but okay.

Today I rode an hour in the morning..I was originally planning on doing a brick, but then I decided I'd rather focus on a ride, and focus on a run. So I rode out to Emigrant. That ride's a good 'Head down and focus' ride, because it's not nearly as pretty as riding out to Talent! And I think the hills are worth a little more. Long rollers, instead of super short little bumps. Anyways, so I rode out a ways, stopped at one point to check my cleat, and at that time the clock was at 25:something so I just decided to turn around, thinking I'd ride slower on the way home. As SOON as I turned around, it started pouring/hailing! I love riding in that kind of weather. I feel so badass, and ride that much harder. Of course i didn't stop to put on, just let the hail sting me and raced home. I threw in a .75 mile easy hill, and without the hill I would have definitely negative split the ride! It was awesome.

In the evening I ran an easy easy (but painful--I was super dehydrated) 3 mile run. Horrible run, as to be expected after taking five days off, but at least I got out there! Sometimes it's so hard to get going after a break. That's how I felt..but it can only get easier from here on out..for awhile, anyways!

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