Thursday, May 6, 2010

Moving Along..

Ok, let's see if I can remember the last few days' workouts. It's been a low-key week, so it should be easy!

Tuesday after class I went on an hour ride along the bike path..I'd forgotten how bumpy that path is! Kind of frustrating when I'm trying to do pick-ups, and I keep having to brake so I don't launch over root mounds. Oh was still a beautiful ride! Then I went straight to swimming, where I only had time to bust out 1K of drills before I had to study for a test..swimming's kind of on the back burner this week, as I work on my stroke and focus a bit more on bringing biking back into my life!

Yesterday I only managed a 30 minute run around town. Nothing special, but as always I love the feeling of running after a few days off! It's the whole 'few days off' thing I need to work on..

Today was another short 1k drill swim, with a lot of stroke focus. I probably should invest in swim lessons..the instructor in the lap class can only help so much, with 15 other students to help. Oh well. Having the input of an experienced triathlete is definitely helping!

Then in the afternoon, I went on a great ride with a new friend! He took me all over these beautiful country roads I didn't even know existed. The ride was supposed to be an hour, but I was having too much fun to care, and nearly two hours later I made it home stoked to ride more!

Good day. Good day.

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