Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Up and Down the West Coast


Friday I drove to Seattle for Mother's Day, and managed a good 30 minute run down to the beach and back! It was so so so nice to run with the salty air filling my lungs. I love that smell. The run itself was okay..I've been feeling really sluggish on my runs lately, due probably to inconsistency..

Saturday I went on an hour long early morning ride on the Burke Gilman. Like the bike path in Ashland, it's hard to get in speed or hard work on the Burke, because of all the people! But I was having too much fun winding along the waterfront to care much. It was a beautiful day and a good ride!

Sunday I went on an hour ride in Portland with a group of guys..we rode through a neighborhood to yet another bike path! I'm loving this exploratory riding. I was hoping to run in the evening, but by the time I got back home (after the car overheating a few times!) it was too late to run.

Monday I finally swam! It felt soo good. The pool was super crowded, but whenever that happens I remind myself it's good practice for triathlon--I get a chance to choke on waves and spot and be crowded! I also got in a core session!

Yesterday I ran, and it did not go well. I was super dehydrated, and it was earlier in the morning than I usually run. It was a hard run, but I got tough in the last ten minutes. The first 20 were horrible though. This week is all about run consistency!

Boring post..but no great training stories! I've got a solid week this week, so hopefully adventures will occur! :)

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