Friday, May 21, 2010

Get It Done..

Wednesday I swam 1.5k and did core..I think the swim was a descending ladder of sorts. Then in the evening I went on an easy run..I really wasn't feeling it-tired, apathetic, just not wanting to run. So I decided to just go out there and even if I only ran a few miles, it'd be better than not running at all. Once I got into it I felt a little better, and wound up running the usual half-hour. When I got back and clocked my route, it said I ran 7:15 pace? Which seems WAY fast. So I don't really know what to think of that..oh well!

Yesterday I swam just shy of a mile in was super frustrating, because I feel like I swim a lot, and work on stroke and reach and rotation etc., but I never get faster! At least I got the work done, I guess. Then I rode an hour in the evening..I swear every bad/rude driver and barking dog was out today! I had to change my route on the way home when I was being chased by dogs behind fences on either side of the was just too freaky. Still got in the hour ride, though it never felt 'strong'. Again, I'd blast down hills and then crawl up them. Got the work done, thuogh. That's kind of been the motto of this week-just getting it done.

This always happens before a race, this apathy. Of course it's horribly times, as two weeks out from a tri is NOT the best time to want to take it easy! So it's head down, music on, mind off, get it done. Hopefully I'll start to see improvements, or get excited about the race, and the blahs will drop off!

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