Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunday I swam 2K! A good long swim for me. I got the single lane at the pool, too, so I was able to focus totally on the workout, and not on dodging scuba-mask swimmers!

Then I went on a great ride in the afternoon..1.5 hrs, into Phoenix and back. I tried to ride steady the whole time..I definitely need to work on climbing! I would get pretty fatigued on hills, then recover super fast when I bombed down the backside. Good ride though!

Monday I took the day off!!!!! It felt good, and was well-deserved.

Yesterday started with an hour ride. I tried to keep it easy, reminding myself to save it for the run later, though I still pushed myself a little bit. Really fun ride. In the afternoon I went on a run, and immediately I knew it was going to hurt. I just didn't have it in the legs. But I decided the run motto for the day was going to be "Champ it", so i ran a little further and a little faster than I thought I could! Turned into a good half hour run!

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