Monday, May 3, 2010

Good Weekend

Well, I never made my ride on Friday-I took the whole day off! Saturday, however, turned into a pretty good day. I worked all morning, and then rode to the pool. I can't remember what the swim was, but it was 1.5k, and other than some right elbow pain, it was good! Then I hopped right on my bike and rode an hour out on HWY 66 and back. That was a fun ride! Super windy, sunny, calm roads. It became obvious that my bike's too big for me, but I'll deal with it.

Yesterday I got up and rode to the pool again and got in another good 1.5k swim, as a fun pyramid. Then in the evening I went on a good 40 minute run to the park, around the park for awhile getting lost, and then home. I hadn't run in a few days, and it felt great! And I even got in some core at the gym after swimming--I'm the worst about doing core!

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