Friday, April 30, 2010


Bit of a setback yesterday..i went for an easy 30 minute run in in the morning (over the next two weeks I'll be focusing on run endurance and healthy distance increase, not speed). My right knee hurt a bit on the inside, but nothing worse than usual. I thought nothing of it. Then I went to swim class, where I tried my hand at frog kicking! It didn't go well, and at one point I felt my knee 'pop'. Again, it was a little uncomfortable, but I didn't worry about it. After swimming, throughout the day my knee hurt progressively worse, until by 9pm anytime I was standing or walking, I was limping!

This morning I decided to walk to a coffee shop for breakfast, partly to test my knee. So far, no pain. But I definitely won't be running today--in fact, I'll likely take it easy and just ride and get in a core/strength session. In light of my knew training perspective (less can be more!) I'm only a little disappointed that I'm missing out on a good training day, but more than that I'm proud of myself for knowing when to back off for a day!

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