Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Post!

I wonder how many people use this title as their inaugural blog post title! But what else is there to say at first?

This weekend is my first serious 5K in about a year. I overtrained in the last few weeks, and all this week I've been-and will continue to-take it easy, to avoid seriously messing up my knees. I was really happy with where my running was at, and today will be my first serious run in almost a week. I hope I haven't lost too much speed! I had my heart set on PRing this weekend, but then I remembered that its' not the race this weekend that counts the most, it's all the races yet to come. I could run myself into the ground for one chance at a PR, or I could run smart and potentially save the PR for another race. But who knows? Maybe the race will go well!

Also, I'm becoming more and more set on the June triathlon. Tom at the bike shop reminded me the other day-in lines with my new running mentality-that each race doesn't have to be The One. I can train through this race, and probably should. It's in six and a half weeks! There's another tri in July I can do, and another great one in August. This race can be experience, and can serve to set me up to feel really prepared for races throughout the summer.

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