Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Gains!

This weekend has been an awesome one so far-and it's not even over! Yesterday I didn't swim very far (my shoulder kind of hurt, and with my new mentality of 'each workout doesn't have to be the longest and fastest' I stayed smart and kept it short. 500m of warm up, then 4x100 which descended well, then 100cd. In the evening I didn't exactly ride, but I did FINALLY learn how to ride in cleats! Now I just have to take my bike to the shop and have them help me switch out my pedals--it's for real, now! And I can get my pink bar tape! I've wanted pink tape forever, but told myself it'd be my present to myself when I learned to ride in cleats. Now I've earned it!

Today I ran a 5K-I wasn't sure how it was going to go, seeing as how I didn't run seriously the week beforehand because of overtraining. I told myself to take it easy and not stress out about it, to just turn the race into a good effort. And I think I did just that! 22:30...not a PR, but a good base run. I work the rest of the afternoon, so no more workouts, just running around the restaurant all night!

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