Wednesday, June 2, 2010


What a rough week! Finals and race week don't mix well. Anyways, where was I..

Thursday I swam in class, a good mile, and ran 4 later. That run actually went really well..I ran around this random farm disctrict while Travis was doing a crit race, so I got to explore a little. And it was raining the perfect kind of rain for running in! So I just cruised around for half an hour and never really felt like I had to work for it. I stopped when my knees started sending off little alarm signals, but it was one of those days where I felt like i could keep running forever!

Friday I swam 2K at the Y, a good swim though I don't remember what it was. Then I rode an hour in the evening..again, don't remember what that ride was!

Saturday I met up with my swim teacher at the lake and we got in the water with our wetsuits and went over swim tactics. It was SO COLD. But now I feel like I'm mentally prepared for the water temp at Blue Lake. I didn't run that day. Yep, this is the day when my workouts started to slip..

Sunday I ran half an hour, easy. It was hot and humid for a change, and the temperature really took it out of me! But I got it done.

Monday I rode a little over an hour. Nothing special. But a fun ride!

Tuesday I didn't do anything. Study/Wrrands/Study/Work.

Today I've got to fit in a brick (60 min. ride plus 2 mile run) and a swim (1 mi. hard if it's crowded, 2K if it's not!) after my final at 5! Busy busy.

What a boring post! I wish I could remember my workouts better, but the days have been bleeding together and I can hardly remember what day it IS nevermind what happened days before! Next week will be easier to log. Just runs! I can't wait!

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