Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More 'Good' Work

Whoops I'm behind! Good think I'm obsessive about marking off my day planner..otherwise I wouldn't remember what workouts I did!

Wednesday I rode an hour...that was a busy day, but I'm glad I at least got the ride in. I think I was supposed to swim....I'm having a hard time managing school, work and training, and sadly usually training is what has to get manipulated first. Anyways, yeah, rode on Wednesday.

Thursday I swam 2K in the morning, and rode 90 minutes in the evening. That ride was really was super hot, I was dehydrated (as always) and I couldn't seem to get my legs to 'go'. So I got in the 90 minutes, but not as hard as I'd hoped. They can't all be awesome efforts, I guess..

Friday through Sunday I did nothing! I was on vacation with Travis, and we left the bikes at home. So relaxing!

Monday was back at it. I swam 2.5K right after class--the longest I've swam. It went really well! 600 w/u, then 500/400/300/200/100 as 'cruise/race tempo/fast/painful/all out. Then a good cool down. Good swim! I ran 40 minutes in the evening, and that was rough. It was a mental challenge more than anything else, but I got it done. I didn't feel great, and I struggle a lot with staying positive on the run. When it hurts, it never gets better, and it's hard to keep going. But I did, and I'm happy. Was it a fast run? No. But I'm still learning, and I still got in the time!

Yesterday I rode an hour, out along 66 and then back up Crowson. Good ride--my knee never hurt, but it felt stiff. Which is better than pain! Still, I'll be happy when I get this bike fit figured out, and I can stop worrying about my back/knee. I ran in the evening...was supposed to be half an hour, but 15 minutes into the run I started getting these awful rolling stomach cramps, and I decided that rather than put so much mental effort into running through them for another 15 minutes, I just called it good at 20 minutes. It was supposed to be an easy run anyways, but I still get really frustrated when I can't finish a run. It seems like there's always something keeping me from finishing a run workout--allergies, dehydration, knee pain, etc...and I wonder how much of that is legitimate and how much of it is my own psychosomatic excuses for copping out early. I love to run, but it's hard, and I get frustrated with it so so so easily. I'm not very patient with gaining run fitness...and I want every run to be better than the last. Stupid, I know, but it's a huge aspect of what I struggle with mentally in training.

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