Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Week Back

Training's been going well so far, especially considering how little I did last week.

Monday I swam 1600m..don't remember what the swim was, but I remember it felt pretty good. I ran in the evening, just 3 miles and it was pretty slow. But otherwise it felt fine.

Tuesday I rode with Travis. And hour ride with a short climb in the middle. I was so happy to be back on the bike! I felt horrible at first..really tired and a little woozy (I never drink enough water!) but by the time we got to the dump hill, and especially after, I felt tons better. I was supposed to run in the evening, but this Spanish class is proving to be way more work than I expected, so I spent the evening studying!

Wednesday I got up and swam in the morning before class..1650m, and that swim went really well. I think it was..600m w/u, 3x200 descending, 3x100 descending. Short but good. I was planning on 4x100 but by the 3rd rep I was getting really hungry and a third person was about to get in the lane, so I figured instead of fighting a crowd for 100m I'd call it a morning. In the evening I went on a great run-about 3.75 miles, and I just focused on finding a rhythm and sticking with it the whole time. It's something I struggle with--I tend to run too fast at first, or get to a certain point and realize I'm running 'too slow', or whatever, so sticking with a pace and not worrying about it was a good lesson.

This afternoon I swam 2K after class...that went pretty well. 600m w/u, then 400,300,3x200, 100c/d. I don't really know what to make of my 400 and 300 times, which were, I think, 8 minutes and 6 minutes, but my 200s went well: 3:50, 3:45, 3:40. Just glad to descend. I'm trying not to stress out about speed TOO much..for now..Tonight I rode an hour, and that went well too! Although on the way back I started to get crabby..first off I could have sworn my cleat was coming unscrewed again, but when I checked it was fine. I just wasted a lot of time worrying about it. Then I dropped my chain right when I was getting seriously hungry, like bonky wobbly hungry, so that made me grumpy. But the end of the ride was fine, and I got home and ate a TON. And now I'm happy and resting for the weekend!

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