Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update, Race report

The last few days before the race I didn't do much..I rode a little on Friday evening, and that's it!

The race went well! I approached it as: swim like I'm swimming in class, ride like I'm riding with Travis, run like I'm running a 5K. And for the most part it went well! All of my splits were a little slower than I would've liked, but I'm happy with a 1:23 sprint.
The swim was good: I got a good start and never really got boxed in. A few times I had to stop and look up because I was swimming into a group of people, but I think I got around them well and I spotted fairly well. The bike transition was okay..I just relaxed and it went fine. The bike was great--I probably could have pushed harder (that can be said for the whole thing!) but I'm happy with it. The run hurt..I was hungry and had to pee before the swim started, so by the run I was about to die! And my legs were cramping, but by the last mile I was able to run a 7 or so minute mile.

I'd consider the race a success all around! 16th woman overall, won my age group. It was a small race, and really low-key, but those are still good results! :)

This is going to be an eassssy week. Next week workouts, school and work start again, so the most exercise I've gotten so far has been walking to the grocery store for more ice cream!

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