Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lots to Update!

I can't believe how lax I'm being about updating this thing! I'd better get more strict about the time I post I can't remember half the workouts I did, and that defeats the entire purpose of this blog!

Last Wednesday I swam 2k after class and rode an hour and a half.

Thursday I didn't work out...I've been having a hard time on Thursdays..they're the end of the school week for me, and I'm usually freaking out about a test or something and can't get myself to work out. If this Thursday presents the same issues, I'll go ahead and make that my off day from now on.

Friday I ran in the morning...thirty minutes or so, and it was hard! My legs felt fine, but my breathing was all screwed up. Like, I felt asthmatic or something...I couldn't take in a good breath. So it was a slow run, but a good lesson in toughing it out! I was supposed to run 40 minutes, but I couldn't make myself do it with such labored breathing! Then I rode a good two hours in the evening, the first hour alone and the second with Travis. I always ride better when I ride with him! So it was good.

Saturday I swam 2k and worked a lot on flip turns..the swim was ok. I'm working on improving my stroke, and playing around with different concepts/techniques. Flip turns are tiring!

Sunday I ran a 2 mile race in the morning! I tempo-ed it the whole was a fun race, so I didn't want to be the asshole 'charging' everyone. I ran it in 13:48. Good, considering I hadn't run fast in awhile! In the evening I rode about 45 minutes with Travis, a good hilly ride. I need to work on climbing. And consistency.

(Holy moly this is long!)

Monday I swam a mile which was really difficult because of my breathing...after that 2 mile race I got a gnarly cough that didn't really go away for a few days, so while I was swimming I found I couldn't take a good, full breath. Made it really hard! I worked on flips again, too, for about 2k total of swimming.

Tuesday I rode an easy hour before class. Easy. It was early, and I was tired, and I had to pee SO bad the whole time! But I hate to stop on the side of the road....Then I was supposed to run half an hour in the evening, but I had a horrible gut ache from some undercooked rice, so after running through excruciating stomach cramps for 20 minutes, I called it good. Felt bad about quitting early AGAIN, but I feel good in that my legs never hurt or got tired, so I think I'm in good running shape, I just need to get better about lining my cards up right for a good, long run. I've got it in the legs, I know.

All in all, training's going well. I'm still really frustrated with running right now, but I'm hoping it's just another running funk I'll push through.

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