Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogging Break

It's been too long since my last post to recount all the workouts I've done...I guess the thing to mention now is my revisited training plan pre-Portland. I discovered that Portland Tri is the Age Group Nationals qualifying my new goal is to try to qualify. Whether or not I can achieve that goal with only three months of training behind me, I don't know. But I'm going to try my hardest.

In light of this new goal, and recent issues with making workouts and burning out and over-loading my plate, I redid my training plan for the next month. I realized that with school, homework, training and my job, I have a hard time making two workouts a day five or six days in a row. Somewhere in there I miss a day, and feel badly about it. This happened again on Thursday. I spent all evening thinking about my circumstances. Consistency seems so much easier for other people...but I'm not other people. And I thought about what makes me different. Or anyways, what affects ME. Not other people. I realized 1) If I only had a job, not a job I have to bring home each night (i.e. homework), training plans would be simpler. 2) I've never trained steadily through the summer heat. This is no doubt taking somewhat of a toll on me, mentally and physically. 3) I've never trained so consistently before. It's always GOcrashGocrashGo..CRASH. Not this time. 4) Maybe I'm just not ready for 2x daily, 6x a week workouts. And that's OK. I've only been at this for three months!

So now my plan is something like 'three days of workouts, one day off'. I just finished the first three days of training, and today is an off day. And I feel great! Tired, for sure, because I was able to focus more on my workouts without feeling overwhelmed by all I had to do before an off day, even when I was tired. This time, when I was tired, I knew I could rest soon. And therefore, I think my workouts went way better.

We'll see if this positive trend continues!

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