Thursday, March 10, 2011

On Caramel

Caramel...caramel on my mind.

It's true. I have been craving caramels nonstop since..well, since Halloween, actually, when I had a vanilla caramel for the first time in forever.

And since then, I've been caramel-crazy.

Good caramel is expensive, and bad caramel doesn't compare. So I haven't actually eaten much caramel lately. I just think abuot it. And dream about it. And drool on my keyboard while looking at pictures of it. And fantasize about the day I have enough time and courage to make them myself.

Because I know good caramel is worth it, I will patiently hold out for these.

Thank you, David Lebovitz, for leading me to this revelation. Someday I will ship this little box of caramels across the Atlantic ocean, and I will eat them, slowly, one by one.

And that will be that.

Until then, I'll keep dooling, and dreaming of these:

(photo courtesy of Henri Le Roux website)

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