Monday, March 14, 2011

Chocolate Chewies

Last night I made chocolate chewies. They were definitely chocolatey, and very very chewy. They looked like crater rings. They puffed up in the oven and then caved in on themselves. Paper-thin crusty cookie bits were everywhere. Half of them never cooked in the middle, while the other half were ok--but even thinner. I thought they tasted like powdered sugar. Travis thought they were weird, too. Mom and Dad loved them, but I think they were just saying that so as to not devistate their daughter.

I had really high hopes for these cookies, too. They are flourless and easy as pie (about 100 times easier, actually!), requiring only cocoa powder, egg whites, powdered sugar, salt and vanilla. They are chocolaty and nonfat. But my cookies were SO dissapointing. I couldn't really figure out why, either. I followed the recipe exacty...except..I didn't.

Rereading the recipe at 101 Cookbooks just now, I was suddenly corrected.

No wonder they tasted like powdered sugar.

Who knew the extra 3T of cocoa powder could make such a difference? Oops..

(Yes, I still brought them to work and fed them to my coworkers. I'll bring them extra delicious cookies next week to make up for it.)

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