Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Few Days

Good swim yesterday. New favorite set of 4x100/4x75/4x50/4x100. Could barely make 1:50s on the first 100s...was getting super frustrated. Turned the 4x25 into a 100, and swam 1:37. Guess I can still swim okay...eventually...

Then a run that got cut really short. Bummer, but it was still speedy(ish).

Today was a good swim of warm up, then 4x50/4x100 x2. Way harder than I thought! It'll be fun to use this set more often and add distance to it. It'll be good for staying tough, I think.

Tonight was an amazing run. One that seemed to make all my woes disappear. A good hard (though it felt effortless!) mile repeat session on the treadmill. Not my fastest times, of course, but that doesn't matter. I was just so happy to be running like that again..without mental struggle, without hating it, without anything. I even got some gnarly dehydration cramps early on, and forced myself to run through them. I'm glad I did! I stayed tough, and more importantly, I stayed positive. I'm happy with that run!

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