Thursday, August 19, 2010


Three days until Portland Triathlon. I'm nervous, and excited. One side of me is terrified of everything that could go wrong: a flat, a bad swim, poor transitions, running out of steam on the run... The other side of me keeps remembering that I've only been at this for four months. I should just have fun with it, and see where that takes me. I know I should listen to the second part.

Yesterday I did my last hard run before the race. I'm never doing 800s in the mid-morning summer heat again. Each one got windier, hotter and harder. I guess that's how repeats go. I'm still happy I finished all 6, and each was at 7:12 pace or faster. I think the splits were: 3:25/27/36/30/32/27 or something like that. Clearly I've forgotten how to pace.

Had another 'I forgot how to swim overnight' swim yesterday evening. I'm trying to put that out of my head, focus on the great swims I had last week, and get a good final swim in today.

Rode a TT this morning, too. 13.75 miles in 45 minutes. Averages out to 18mph. Not stellar, not bad. We'll see what happens on race day....

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