Monday, April 11, 2011

To-Do List FAIL.

I just made myself a to-do list. Here's what it said:

5:45-Home. Head to store.
-make lunches
-make dunner
-make bread?
-blueberry muffins?



Hang clothes.

Worst to-do list ever? I think so. I crumpled it up. What I really need to do is buy us a doormat, go home and just start doing things. What will probably end up happening is a whole other story. I will probably not run at lunch, due to being ridiculously hungry. I will bus home. I will go for a short run. Or, I'll intend to go for a short run, but instead I'll get absorbed in building some more cabinets or organizing the bookcase or buying doormats. I'll forget to make dinner, hang up my swimsuit, not pack lunches, lose screws and washers, flip out, eat ice cream and go to bed ridiculously late.

Yes, yes I am hungry and cranky. Thus the part about not running at lunch.

No, building Ikea furniture is not that bad. Last night I didn't lose one washer. Not one!


At the top of my to-do list: Shaving my legs. It's bad.

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