Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Like: Mizuno Wave Rider

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Welcome to the first installment of Things I Like. I like many things, and wanted to share some of my absolute favorite things with you.

I started running in Mizuno Wave Riders about a year ago. At this point, I cannot imagine running in anything else. Everyone says that once you find 'the shoe' nothing else will compare, and I believe it! The Wave Rider is light, which I love for speedy track sessions, yet durable enough for long runs. It's low profile, too, which I really appreciate. I don't like feeling like I have bricks strapped to my feet while I run, and the minimalism of this shoe works well for me. However it doesn't sacrifice support, and as someone with a history of planter fasciitis, I am pretty particular about a good support system in my running shoe. I've never experienced arch pain in a Wave Rider. I'm on my second pair and am about due for a third. I'm excited about the new colors, too-Mizuno does a great job with their shoe design. They're neither too boring or too bright, and they'll look good with any running wardrobe (what--it never hurts to have speed and style!).

I'm not getting anything by writing this review, nor does Mizuno even know I'm writing it. I only want to share my opinion on my favorite running shoe. Every runner and every runner's feet are different, and this shoe might not be 'it' for you. It's the one for me, however, and I'm never running in anything else!

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