Monday, November 22, 2010

Week One of Month One

Well, actually this is the beginning of Week Two..But I thought I'd do a recap of last week! I looked at my schedule about a week and a half ago, and realized that I could get in a month of solid base training before Mexico. I was so stoked! I don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner that I could start training before I leave the country for two weeks. But I'm glad I came to this obvious realization!

The first week went well! A few missed workouts due to school, but thankfully my graduation application was accepted, so I officially only have three more weeks of school left. Soon, the days of 'studying < training' are over! Or is it 'studying > training'? Clearly college has left some gaps in my education...

So back to workouts. Nothing major, nothing extraordinary. Lots of half-hour runs, 1k-1.5k swims, and hour-long rides.

(Actually, my ride on Friday was 1.75 hours, though I was only on the bike for about an hour of that..I flatted..and yes, it took me 45 minutes to fix the flat. Why? 1. I am the slowest flat-changer EVER. 2. My tool broke! 3. My tires are really, really stiff. And I will keep using that excuse even when they're well worn-in and supple as butter.)

Sunday I went on a 90 minute ride with Travis that started off great, albeit chilly, and ended with what might be my worst on-the-bike bonk to date. I don't know what happened. It might have been eating too little, it might've been dehydration, it might've been overheating with all my layers, or maybe it was a combination of all of that. But about 15 minutes from the house I got super hungry, super 'hot-flashy' hot (Not that I really know what that's like, of course, but I can't think of how else to describe it!), and I was getting lightheaded and spacey. My arms felt like they could barely support me, and my legs kept spinning though I felt like I had no control over that. I sure couldn't make it up hills very easily.. I just kept focusing on not falling over, and on the pumpkin bread that I could devour once I got home. Once I did get home I devoured pretty much everything in sight, and was exhausted for the rest of the day!

Today was a total workout fail. I don't feel well (still a little lightheaded and woozy), and I've been so busy all day..I hate making excuses this early into a training block, but I decided to skip workouts today, focus on getting things done, eating well and drinking lots of water, and diving headfirst back into workouts tomorrow (feeling great and rejuvenated, I hope!).

So, again, lessons learned. Tomorrow: Back to base, Week Two!

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