Friday, November 5, 2010

Monster Dash

Ran the Monster Dash Halloween Run on Halloween. It was definitely one of the most challenging courses I've ever run. The first two miles were uphill, followed by two steep, short downhill sections, and a gradual downhill to the finish.

It was also surprisingly, 80%? So of course I got totally, completely dehydrated. By the first mile I was getting random 'blackout flashes' at the bottom of my vision. I also got the worst cramps I've ever, ever run through. That last half mile hurt, not being able to take in a full breath. I think I had the pain written all over my face.

The frustrating this was, I ran a horrible time. I guess it just speaks to the difficulty of the course that my 23:53 time landed me a fourth-place finish. And also that it's not a competitive race..haha.

It was, however, really really fun to race again! I can already tell how all my distance training has improved my mental toughness. Usually I cannot suffer through a 5K without music. But cruising through a 7 mile run without music has helped alter my perspective. I was so happy to be out there, pushing it, just having fun doing so! And yes, I was having fun the whole time, despite the pain!

Now I just have to get through a few more weeks of school+training, and then Mexico, and then my training can start for real! I cannot wait!

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