Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Well, only a few things to mention, I guess.

The first is the long run I went on last week that did not go so well. I hadn't run more than once or maybe twice during the week leading up to it, but decided I was going to go for it--8 miles. Also, for the last two months I've done more or less all of my running on trails. But for some reason I decided that the long run should be done on pavement. Or rather, I knew better, but also knew I have to start running on pavement at some point...the race next month is a road race, after all! So even though I knew better..I knew I should do an easy 45 minute trail run instead..I set out for a long run around town. It went well until the last two miles or so, when my knees started to HURT and at times were buckling underneath me. I stopped to walk about half a mile from home, because I couldn't justify it anymore. I should have walked long ago, but my pride wouldn't let me..Awful, I know. So I came home, iced immediately, and as to be expected the next few days my IT bands were pretty sore. I haven't run since then and they feel better! I've swam, and gone on a great ride (40 miles) but no running yet. I got scared thinking I was digging myself into another overtraining hole, and during the offseason, no less, so I backed off.

Which, I guess, leads me to the other training struggle I've encountered lately. I have a hard time accepting that it IS the offseason, and this IS the time when I can and should focus my attention on things besides triathlon and training. I'll be done with college in 6 and a half weeks, and right now that should be my main focus. Yet yesterday, when I didn't do anything active and hadn't the day before, either, I was getting so down on myself! I hate the feeling of not doing things. It's partly why I got into triathlon in the first place. So I can stay as active as I prefer to. But yesterday the hours quickly slipped away from me, and I had to accept that while I did have time for a short run, or ride, I'd be better off doing homework. So it's something I'm working on. Finding a better balance between training and other obligations, knowing where my priorities lay and accepting that, and making sure I am filling all my personal needs (training, schoolwork, and my new hobby: cooking!!) to a point where I don't feel like anything is lacking or missing in my life. Not training is definitely just as hard as training!

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